Saint Francis School Yona, Guam

August 06, 2015

Hafa Adai Parents, Guardians, and Students,
Welcome Back! Our school library is open for students to enjoy!  Please take this opportunity to read through the rules and regulation policy for the safety and continuous use of the school’s library resources.
? All library materials MUST NOT be removed from library without the Librarian properly issuing/releasing them out. ? Students are allowed to borrow two books total for a period of two weeks.  All borrowed books must be returned on or before the due date.  If the books are not returned by the due date, a late fee of $0.25 cents per day per book will be charged accordingly.  Lost or damaged books must be replaced by payment of the total cost of each book.  The late fee shall not exceed the total amount of the price of the book.   A student is not allowed to borrow a book when there is a library fee that needs to be settled. ? Students should not be allowed to borrow books on behalf of others. ? The school computers cannot be removed from the library.  Each student who borrows (logs-on) the computers will be responsible for the use and care of the computer he or she logs on to.  Certain internet sites are not authorized such as social media sites, profane and/or any inappropriate sites not suitable for school purposes.  Our school computers are to be used as a resource for the student to expand his or her research for class assignments and activities.


Food and drinks are not allowed near the computers and on the student tables. ? Students should observe silence in the library.  Educational whispers are welcomed. ? Bags are to be placed in the designated area of the library.   The Librarian is not responsible of any bag left or forgotten from the designated area of the library. ? Good behavior should be observed at all times.  Feet on the tables and chairs do not display good manners or good behavior.  Running or horseplay while in the library is also a display of wrongful mannerism.  Please be mindful of your actions.


? Any rule violated is cause for a disciplinary referral to the Vice-Principal of Student Personnel Service. ? Damaged or loss of library material and property will be charged for replacement costs.  Marking of the library tables, books, or computers will be regarded as damaged.  Any outstanding fees owed to the library may be cause for student exclusion of borrowing library material.
Thank you for keeping our school library a safe and pleasant area for the whole school to enjoy! Should you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the Saint Francis School Handbook or please contact our school at 789-1270.
Once again, thank you and God bless!


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Ms. Jolynn Roberto                                   Mr. Bill Paulino
Librarian                                                      School Principal

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Library Authorization
[    ] I authorize and acknowledge the rules and regulations for my child to borrow library materials.
[    ] I do not authorize my child to borrow any library material.  * Please be advised: When classroom lessons are held in the library for media content, your child will not be able to utilize computer lab without parent authorization.
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