The Saint Francis Children’s Honor Choir is comprised of 3rd thru 8th grade students. Selection into the Honor Choir is based on successfully passing a choral audition in which students are required to sing in pitch and be able to project their singing voice. This organization emphasizes the point that music, when used intelligently should produce rewarding results. Each child learns how to sing correctly and with meaning, so that they may ultimately relay the messages of their songs from their heart. The Honor Choir also expresses themselves through dance and through the playing of musical instruments. Recently, the Honor Choir received a gold plaque for their excellent choral performance at the Tumon Bay Music Festival –an islandwide music competition. The gold plaque is awarded only to the choir with the highest possible score received, based on a national standard for choral singing. The judges at this competition were featured music directors from the continental United States and music instructors from the University of Guam.

On November of 2007, a Japanese guest performer –world renowned jazz saxophonist, SadaoWatanabe, was invited to perform for Make-A-Wish, an organization that is dedicated to granting wishes for children with terminal illnesses. Mr.Watanabe agreed to perform, only under the strict provision that the Saint Francis Children’s Honor Choir, would perform with him. He had worked with the Honor Choir about 3 years before and was extremely pleased with the students’ performance skills. The Honor Choir has also sung for many non-profit organizations and numerous private and government functions. In addition, the Choir sings for weddings, funerals and other special Masses. These students, many times, give up their after school hours, weekends, holidays and vacation time for rehearsals and performances. Lastly, the Choir receives monetary donations to help the school financially, so that student learning is better impacted. Every aspect of the school purpose and ESLRs is met by being a member of the Honor Choir. Each student in the Choir is constantly reminded to do only their best and nothing less.