Instruments of “PEACE” Program: This program involves the integration the Corporal Works of Mercy into the school curriculum. Teachers and students find ways to incorporate these works of charity and peace into little projects for those in need in our community.

Big Brother/Big Sister Program: This program creates an atmosphere of care and love for neighbor by allowing older students to demonstrate responsibility and to act as a big brother or sister to the younger students who become their little brother or sister in the school family.

Literacy Development program: Student writings are compiled and published for the purpose of creating an awareness of the importance of the “world of print”. This also fosters self-development in all students and encourages academic achievement.

Interscholastic Program: This program offers middle school students the opportunity to play and compete with other schools in a number of sport activities each quarter. Students are required to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA in all academic areas. The primary aim of this program is to encourage students to be physically and mentally healthy and to establish camaraderie among students in other schools.

Student Council: This school organization fosters student leadership and helps members to be effective class reporters to their respective classmates regarding discussions and actions made during their meetings. Members have the opportunity to examine and encourage all students to adhere to school rules, to plan and assist in any school functions and other school related activities in the broader community.

National Junior Honor Society: This student organization fosters high student leadership and involvement in school activities and other functions in the broader community.

The following school activities are offered to students for academic enhancement and for fostering self-development:

  1. Academic Challenge Bowl Program: This activity is primarily offered to the middle school students. It enables students to demonstrate group skills across the curriculum in competing with other students from other schools.
  2. Math Counts: Math Counts is sponsored by the wider community of Guam. This activity enables students to demonstrate their mathematical skills in competing with other students around the island.
  3. Spelling Bee Contest: This activity demonstrates students’ Language Arts skills and gives students the opportunity to compete with students from other schools on and off island.
  4. Young Authors/Illustrators: This activity promotes creative writing and illustrations, thus fostering and improving students’ self development and improving academic standings. It also encourages students to excel in command of their language and helps students aspire to become achievers.
  5. Community Sponsored Contests: Students are encouraged by the school to enter contests sponsored by the community of Guam i.e. poster, oratorical, art and essay contests, etc.